About BendPak

About BendPak

Autostacker is an official division of BendPak Inc., the world’s largest distributor of car lifts and automotive equipment. For over 50 years, BendPak has grown and developed from a small California-based tubing company into the industry powerhouse it is today. From the time BendPak started manufacturing its own car lift line in the mid-1980s, the company name has been synonymous with quality and dependability.

The same important pride of construction that goes into BendPak products also goes into the Autostacker parking lift. In fact, Autostacker was designed by the same engineers who design BendPak lifts, and it’s manufactured in the same facilities. While Autostacker stands as its own brand, it offers the same great value and high level of innovation BendPak’s customers have come to expect.

Many names under one roof

Autostacker is not the first division of BendPak Inc. to branch off and make a name for itself. Ranger Products is the largest BendPak division, manufacturing wheel service equipment, brake lathes, oil filter crushes, industrial parts washers and hundreds of other pieces of garage equipment. Both BendPak and Ranger are renowned for helping increase the bottom lines of auto shops across the globe.

Still growing

BendPak’s headquarters in Santa Paula, CA are home to Autostacker, BendPak and Ranger. A massive 70,000 sq. ft. shipping and receiving facility for car lifts and shop equipment was added to their offices in 2017, increasing BendPak’s ability to order, ship and move massive quantities of product. This efficiency is only the beginning. Another large 60,000+ sq. ft. expansion is on its way, which will mean even better value and still faster response times from the world leader in automotive equipment sales. With BendPak and Autostacker, the best just keeps getting better.

About BendPak

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