How does Autostacker compare to other parking lifts?

In order to get a truer sense of what makes Autostacker different, we’re going to compare our parking lift to four-post lifts, single-post lifts, automated parking systems, “puzzle” style parking lifts and multi-level lifts. Some folks who run auto shops or commercial parking garages might be looking to expand their parking and/or auto service capacity. So, we want you to know exactly what Autostacker can do for you.

Autostacker vs. four-post lifts

There’s a big difference between traditional four-post service lifts and parking lifts. If you’re a car enthusiast one who spends your free time working under cars then indeed, explore four-post service lift options, and perhaps a variety of other service lifts (e.g., two-post lifts, scissor lifts). The final decision on which lift to purchase often comes down to bulkiness and overall functionality, as well as cost-effectiveness. And if you're sure you need a parking lift and not a service lift, Autostacker is the most compact, efficient and high-value parking lift option you’ll quickly learn to love.

Four Post Parking Lift

Autostacker vs. two-post lifts

Two-post lifts are frame-engaging maintenance lifts most commonly found in auto shops and home garages of DIY’ers with higher-ceiling garages. They’re not really meant for long-term storage, however.

Two-Post Car Lift

Autostacker vs. single-post lifts

Single-post lifts are a lot less common these days because they are impossible to design when trying to meet safety factors over one. They’re neat, but not really practical and not really space-saving either.

Single Post Parking Lift

Autostacker vs. automated parking systems

These are not home car lift structures. Automated parking systems are huge, and they’re extremely expensive. (We’re talking tens and hundreds of millions of dollars). More than likely, this is not the parking lift type you’re looking for, but we’ll compare it anyway. If you can afford it, kudos to you.

Automated Parking Systems

Autostacker vs. “puzzle” style parking lifts

Independently moving, multi-platform parking lifts are sometimes referred to as “puzzle” lifts. These lifts use a four-post structure that’s wide enough to suspend two or three platforms within its frame. They require quite a bit of garage space to install, so they’re not ideal for the average garage. We at Autostacker happen to love these cool magic carpet-looking lifts, though, and if your garage space is large enough be sure to give these guys a call.

Puzzle Style Parking Lift

Autostacker vs. multi-level parking lifts

Multi-level parking lifts are a different breed altogether. Sometimes used in outdoor lots, auto shops and home garages, they’re also seen in showrooms. That being said, any indoor space with a substantially high ceiling can fit one, and they definitely make for an impressive display. They may also be ideal if you have high ceilings but a narrow area to work with. They are not well suited for low clearance vehicles though. BendPak has a pretty good offering in this super-tall category.

Triple Stacker Parking Lifts

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