Autostacker vs. Multi-Level Parking Lifts

Multi-Level Parking Lifts

Real estate runs out quickly in the automotive world, so some outdoor lots and high-ceiling garages choose to stack their vehicles vertically. Multi-level parking lifts can be absolutely massive, stacking three, four or more vehicles on top of one another. Additionally, ganged structures can hold dozens of vehicles, effectively creating an infinitely expandable parking garage. Expanded parking lifts can get massive, so they’re rarely advised for home use. Likewise, they tend to be used strictly for commercial purposes or on display in dealerships.

Why they appeal

Every parking lift type serves a unique purpose. If you have limited floor space but a lot of overhead clearance, a multi-level parking lift might be the best solution for your needs. They’re made to accommodate ganged columns and platforms, reducing the structural components necessary for each multi-platform expansion. Showrooms often use these lifts to raise and display their latest or flashiest vehicle models. Ganged structures basically become miniature parking garages. A multi-level parking lift can be continually expanded to provide as many parking spaces as your space can hold. It’s a nice compromise to building a more expensive parking structure, as you can to expand at your own pace.

Why Autostacker might be a better option

Multi-level parking lifts are large, expensive and space-consuming. On the other hand, most garages and lots that need additional parking can match efficient customer service with our cost-effective, space-conscious approach to parking. Placed side-by-side, Autostacker units won’t clutter up your garage, and they use much less steel than multi-level lifts. In the end, this means a parking lift that requires less maintenance, has a professional appearance and increases your profits. Our number one goal is to help you save money and win.

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