Autostacker vs. Four-Post Lifts

Four Post Parking Lift

Four-post lifts are awesome. After all, BendPak is a premier supplier in that market so of course we’re not going to sling mud, but four-post lifts were made more for service and less for vehicle storage. Making a lift suitable for car service means leaving the underside of the elevated vehicle accessible for service, but for car storage the tradeoff for this is what the Autostacker is not – bulky and large.

The Autostacker parking lift does one simple thing. It stacks two vehicles without cluttering up your garage with side posts and other clumsy appendages to bump into. Making Autostacker ideal for car storage. Four-post car lifts feature two runways rather than a single deck, and they permit access to the undercarriage. Four-post lifts are great, but they have limitations and take up much more space.

Autostacker features a single, galvanized steel deck; it’s weatherproof and rustproof to last the lifetime of your lift. Four-post feature two ramps. The average man or woman (who we feel outnumbers car-tinkerers) just wants a car parking lift that is easy to use and is safe. They may not feel comfortable driving onto skinny ramps every day, nor do they have a need to change their own oil.

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