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Autostacker is a revolutionary parking lift that opens up opportunities for shops and garages that may have never thought they could fit a lift. There are countless applications for Autostacker, whether it's put in dealership showrooms, public parking lots, home garages or other professional locations. The articles below cover just some of the uses for this amazing car stacker.

7 Practical Parking Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

These days, it seems like parking lots fill up fast, making it harder than ever to find the best spots. Likewise, parking at home can be limited and highly restrictive. Whether you own a business or just want practical parking ideas to spark your imagination, there's something on this list for you. These parking tips will help you increase parking capacity, save space and even earn more profit.

Autostacker Doubles Your Parking
Car Storage Lift

10 Solid Reasons to Get Autostacker Instead of a Two-Post Lift

Once in a while, someone asks us, "Hey Autostacker, why not just get a couple two-post lifts instead of a single Autostacker and pay about the same price?" We love two-post lifts, don't get us wrong, but they're definitely not for everybody. On the other hand, Autostacker is made for anyone who owns a car and has an appropriate garage or storage space. More specifically, here are 10 reasons you might want to get Autostacker instead of a two-post lift, even if you're a seasoned field tech or engineer.

10 Reasons to Get An Autostacker
Easy Install

Autostacker: A Display Lift Made Easy

Showrooms are the crown jewel of any dealership. It's there customers walk in and get a first impression of a business, and it's there customers meet the salesperson that just might facilitate an extremely important transaction in their lives. Every manager knows that a showroom needs to be clean and perfectly arranged. It needs to be welcoming, not too "overdone" and visually impressive. It's a fine line to walk. And the main culprit is always space. There's never enough of it.

Autostacker as a Display Lift
Easy Display Lift

5 Compelling Reasons Autostacker Benefits Valet Parking Service

The nation's population is expanding, and there are more vehicles on the road than ever before. All this equates to a greater need for parking. If you're like us, you probably see that these conditions make for an excellent business opportunity.

Autostacker for Valet Parking
Autostacker Makes Valet Easy

5 Reasons You Should Put a Home Car Lift in Your Garage

You know you’ve made it when you have more cars than you can fit in your garage–we should all be so lucky. If you are experiencing this “problem” first-hand, can we just say that you might have a bad case of First World Problems?

Have no fear, there is a way you can get all of your vehicles in the safety of your garage. If that’s not a good enough reason to get a home car lift, here’s five more for you.

Put Autostacker in Your Garage
Home Car Lift

Why It's Safer to Park Cars with Autostacker

Traditional parking lifts have a familiar structure: four posts, one on each corner, and a full-length platform that rises and descends along the posts. This structure has benefited homeowners and businesses in the past, but it has its downsides. Likewise, some smaller-footprint lifts have tilt-back designs that angle the vehicle on top. Let’s look at why it’s safer and more convenient to park with Autostacker, both when parking on top of the platform (upper level) and underneath a raised vehicle (lower level).

Safely Park with Autostacker
Autostacker is Safe for Homes

Double Your Home Parking

Autostacker re-envisions what your garage could look like from the top down. Its sole purpose is to double the parking capacity of a single parking space, yet nothing like Autostacker has ever existed in home or commercial markets.

Autostacker Doubles Your Parking
Car Storage Lift

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