The Autostacker Home Car Lift

Home car lift for parking

Autostacker is ideal for anyone looking for a home car lift—anyone who wants to double their parking space. Autostacker features a smaller footprint than virtually any parking lift or four-post lift you’ve ever seen. A small footprint means more people than ever have the option to fit a powerful, versatile and safe parking lift in the comfort and security of home.

Honey, I shrunk the garage

Ever feel like the walls are closing in on you? Your once pristine car parking lair now sits idle as a testament to life’s great progress. The stable that had previously housed the sports cars, boats and other toys has been repurposed into a salvage yard, cluttered by tired, dusty Christmas ornaments and your kids’ trophies. Take back your garage and quit parking outside. Autostacker lifts and stores vehicles for extended periods of time, but it fits tons of other items, as well. Its single-platform design holds bulky or boxed items without a hitch. Whether you take extended vacations, have kids in college, hate the daily driveway car shuffle or reside elsewhere for extended periods of time, Autostacker creates the storage space you need—without renting a locker.

No more public storage

Remote storage facilities can get ridiculously expensive; plus, you never know if some clown is taking your 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California for a joyride. A home garage parking lift saves you from those ridiculous storage fees and the inevitable car mis-care, even if you are the sausage king of Chicago and can afford them.

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