Why choose the Autostacker parking lift?

All parking lifts are meant to do the same basic task. They lift one vehicle on a platform, so you can park another vehicle directly underneath. Simple, right? However, just because the basic task is the same does not mean all parking lifts are equal. Some of Autostacker’s stand-out differences are obvious just by looking at it, but others are more subtle.


The most striking thing about Autostacker is the way it looks when collapsed. When the lift platform is raised, part of the inner scissor function is indented and tailored for a durable rubber pad. The pad protects car doors against dings and dents, and the indention allows the pad to collapse with the arm without being damaged. Dual hydraulic cylinders power the lift to its max lock position in about 55 seconds.

Design benefits of Autostacker
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A durable galvanized steel platform securely screws into the lift structure. Waterproof and weatherproof, the platform can take the heat, rain, sleet and shine. Perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor parking lots and structures, it’s completely rust-proof and will stand the test of time. At the end of the platform, a wheel trough safely engages your front wheels (or back wheels, if you’re backing onto the lift) and acts as an additional safety measure. This feature is especially critical for preventing slippage from manual transmissions. Even though the platform remains completely level as it rises, make sure to minimize the risk of accidents, and always use your parking brake.

Full-width Platform
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Autostacker is made without side posts, so you have more room to work without accidentally (painfully) elbowing steel or maneuvering awkwardly around those beams. The parking lift structure is only as wide as it needs to be, fits into a normal parking space and easily holds light-duty trucks, crossovers and some SUVs.

Space Saving Parking Lift
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The patented design of Autostacker’s collapsed deck inclines gently from the loading ramp to the wheel trough. This permits extreme low-stance vehicles easy access to the deck. Other parking lifts achieve this only by adding long, intrusive loading ramps, while some lifts will simply scratch up the bottom of your car. Autostacker makes loading smooth, safe and easy.

Low-Profile Car Lift
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Installing Autostacker is pretty straightforward, but for your safety and convenience, we can set you up with certified installers. We only recommend installing a home car lift on your own if you have the necessary equipment, training and experience. We also advise at least one person be there to help. In terms of installation equipment, a crane will be necessary to get the scissor frame in place. In most cases, we recommend you let a professional service certified by Autostacker handle the heavy lifting and safe installation of your parking lift.

Autostacker's Ease of Installation
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There’s very little maintenance to perform over time. Occasionally, you may need to check your hydraulic fluid level and replace that as recommended in the manual. As part of daily maintenance, you should always keep both eyes on the lift when it rises and descends, and stop operation immediately if the platform becomes unlevel at any time. Listen for irregularities in the motor, cylinders and locking mechanisms. Your Autostacker home parking lift should always sound precise and efficient.

Low Maintenance Parking Lift
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Door-Sentry™ Protection

When parked in the lower level of a parking lift, there's a risk that your car doors will swing open and bash against the lift. Not with Autostacker. Our patented Door-sentry rubber door protectors are built right into the collapsible scissor superstructures, so when you step out of your vehicle, you can be confident that our design is protecting your property.

Door-Sentry Rubber Door Protectors
Rubber Door Protections

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Autostacker ships free to most of the United States. If you’ve been looking for a high-value parking lift with all the safety features you deserve, don’t pay more than you have to! We help you get what you need without driving up costs with hidden fees after-the-sale.

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