Door-Sentry™ Protection

Parking lifts have always had one major design flaw: when bottom-level cars pull in and park, the doors aren’t far from the side posts, and the edges of the doors can easily smash into the posts. This causes dents, dings, scratches on the doors, plenty of cursing and shouting from the vehicle owner and a repair bill that just might ruin your day. Keep your Aspirin close at hand.

Save yourself the heartache. Autostacker has gone the extra mile by patenting our own Door-Sentry door protection system. Here’s how it works. The innermost arm of the Autostacker is engineered with a slight indention—just enough room to fit an extended durable rubber pad down the lower half of the scissor arm. This pad collapses neatly into the scissors structure when the lift descends, so it never gets scraped in the process. Also, the pad is angled so your doors contact the pad and not the steel.

Four-post lifts avoid this problem because the posts are at the corners, not near the door. However, Autostacker is much, much sleeker and far more compact than any four-post home car lift ever built. There’s plenty of space to get in and out of your car, but we invented the Door-sentry system as a way to manage those moments when you might push the door handle a little too hard (working out lately?) or one of the kids gets a bit careless.

Pro tip

If you want a little extra clearance, back into the bottom space (firemen will probably do this anyway). This will leave more clearance for the front doors, and the back doors will get the Door-Sentry protection. Either way you choose to park, your doors are safe from dings and dents.

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