Parking Lift Guide

There are so many different parking lift styles, your options may feel overwhelming. What are the differences? What should you pay? Are they all safe? These questions and others are probably on your mind, so we put this parking lift guide together in order to help you keep your wits about you as you find the perfect lift for your home garage or business.


We explore the different parking lifts out there on the open market. The basic structure of a lift will often determine whether or not it fits in your garage or works for your needs.


What really makes an Autostacker parking lift different from the rest? We compare lifts and see how other “small footprint” lifts stack up.


Safety is absolutely the most important aspect of a parking lift—doesn’t matter if it’s for home or professional use. Autostacker is made with the best intentions and safety as the highest priority.

Home car lift tips

Need a parking lift at home? We have research and shopping tips to get you set up with the right home car lift for you.


Short on time? Read our final thoughts on parking lift shopping that we think will save you time and get you situated with the parking lift of your dreams.

Section 1: Parking Lift Types

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