Parking Lift Comparison: Autostacker vs. Two Others

We already covered the different types of parking lifts out there, so let’s look more closely at the differences between Autostacker and two other lifts. We picked these two as points of reference because they’re common parking lifts that an Autostacker shopper is likely to consider. Whatever you’re looking for in a parking lift, there’s a good chance Autostacker does all you want and more.

Autostacker vs. Independent platform double/triple parking lift

Like Autostacker, this double or triple-wide unit features non-tilting platforms. Unlike Autostacker, these independent platform lifts feature posts and an overhead structure. Because they’re meant to store between four and six vehicles, they need more space to install and use. This lift style is unique because it suspends multiple platforms without requiring posts between the vehicles. Since the posts move independently, it’s easy to move vehicles in and out of the structure. Still, there is the issue of the overhead structure and side posts, which might be a tight fit in your space—the parking lift might not fit at all. Autostacker eliminates the posts and offers a minimal overall footprint; it also stacks neatly alongside other Autostacker units.

Autostacker vs. Tilt platform parking lift

Tilt platform lifts are usually low-clearance, meant for racecars and other low-stance vehicles. If you’re a racer or collector of these car types, and you own a small garage, a tilt platform parking lift might do the trick. However, Autostacker’s platform lifts vertically and features a wheel trough that ensures vehicles never accidentally roll off. The lack of tilt combines with a host of other engineering improvements to maximize overhead and drive-through clearances. Additionally, only Autostacker has patented Door-sentry™ protectors. Meanwhile, the tilt platform lifts have two steel posts toward the back that do not cushion against accidental door slams.

If you really want to see the difference between a tilt platform and the Autostacker, just use the eye test on each parking lift type. Whatever feature appeals to you most, whether it’s the lack of side posts, wide drive-through clearance, ample overhead clearance, Door-sentry protection or non-tilting platform, there’s nothing quite like Autostacker.

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