Commercial Car Parking Systems

Autostacker is different than other garage parking lifts, and its differences make it ideal for commercial shops of all sizes. In addition to being the perfect size for any shop, Autostacker is engineered more soundly than many other parking lifts, and its sleek design maintains a small footprint, as well as a tidy and professional appearance.

Like a restaurant that makes most of its money during peak dining hours, efficient body shops need consistent customer turnover to earn profit. This means servicing as many cars as possible. We understand that every auto shop has the same basic needs: attract the customers, address and resolve the problem(s) and get the vehicle back as soon as possible. Likewise, commercial parking lots need to fit as many vehicles as they can in their space. When the lot fills up, companies hit their full profit potential.

Stack Parking Lifts Side-By-Side

Autostacker is designed so that multiple units can pack into spaces other parking lifts might only fit one. With absolutely no side posts, when collapsed to its low 13” profile, Autostacker looks like a sleek, vehicle-sized ramp. As long as you leave a little side room for vehicle mirrors (which you can tuck in to shave valuable inches), Autostacker literally saves foot after foot of space because you never, ever have to worry about large, cumbersome posts getting in the way.

When it comes to turnover, we’ve seen many garages that simply need more space to become more efficient. The fact remains that many auto shops and parking lots can double their available parking with Autostacker. Shops looking to add more parking spaces without changing buildings or purchasing lot space will undoubtedly benefit from having a parking lift (or lifts) at their disposal.

Commercial Parking Lift Systems

The Four-Post Problem

Due to their bulk, four-post parking lifts aren’t always ideal parking solutions. Not to mention, a four-post lift requires a more involved engineering setup than a parking lift. Autostacker decreases the likelihood that you will need to replace parts or pay for service down the road.

Autostacker vs. Other Parking Lifts

Many other “residential” or hobby garage lifts lack the overhead clearance, weight capacity, and/or horizontal drive-through clearance necessary for commercial application. We solved this problem by designing Autostacker to hold up to 6,000 lbs., which fits virtually every two and four-door sedan or sports car, as well as many light trucks and SUVS. Even if you find another parking lift with the right height clearance, weight capacity, etc., there’s no manufacturer of garage parking lifts that has yet engineered a fully collapsible, column-less lift that has Autostacker’s inclined ramp for low-stance cars and exclusive Door-sentry™ protection. Our goal is to disrupt the garage parking lift industry and take it to new heights.

String 14 Autostacker units on a single power unit

More parking lifts doesn’t mean you have to add one power unit/console per structure. In fact, 14 lifts can conveniently string together; each structure’s hydraulics connect to a single power unit that permits operation of one platform at a time. This clever setup limits the amount of hydraulic fluid necessary for lifting all 14 units (one lift’s worth of oil can support all 14 platforms). This multi-unit connectivity makes parking lift selection fast, easy and safe. Hoses run internally through an opening in the front of the lift structure that was engineered specifically for this purpose. If you have a parking lot or garage and want to increase your parking capacity virtually overnight, Autostacker does it with a safety-first mentality that looks as classy as it is efficient.

String 14 Autostacker units on a single power unit

A More Professional Working Environment

It goes without saying that sales and business people operate in judgmental spaces (customers make judgements over just about everything). Even a small offense can be reported on sites like Yelp to millions of people. This means professionalism is key to any successful operation. People often make crucial decisions and judgments within 10 seconds of meeting someone. Likewise, customers will notice if your shop or lot has equipment that clutters and cramps your area and disrupts workflow. Autostacker guarantees professionalism every step of the way, especially in the appearance and reliability of our parking lift.

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