Uses for the Autostacker Parking Lift

Before buying a parking lift, it’s important to know what you’re getting out of your investment. Autostacker is a versatile lift that fits in the square footage of virtually any normal parking space. Even low-ceiling garages are able to fit an Autostacker and stack two low-profile vehicles. Autostacker rises nearly 8 ft. in the air, so higher-ceiling garages and outdoor lots can accommodate most vehicles under 6,000 lbs. Whether you need a car lift in your home garage or require more parking spaces to expand your business and add to your bottom line, the Autostacker abides.

Home car lift for garage

Home garages

Instantly double the available parking space in your home garage. If you have a two-door garage, Autostacker clears the way for whatever you want to put in that other half. Another car? Pool table? More work area? Your imagination is all that’s holding you back! Parking lifts are a small investment compared to excavations and full-on home expansions.

Autostacker for Home Garages

Car storage

If you’re the type to go on extended vacations or just want to leave your weekend ride up and safely out of the way, Autostacker can help. Five lock positions give you the ability to adjust your lift to the perfect height for your garage, and the scissor arms will safely hold up your vehicle indefinitely when the locks are engaged.

Using Autostacker for Car Storage
Car Storage Lift
Indoor Parking Lift

Indoor parking garage

Indoor parking lots vary in size, but that’s what makes the Autostacker car lift so ideal. Most lifts have clunky side-posts and columns, which makes installation a longer, more involved process. Autostacker has much less bulk, so there are more options for installation.

Autostacker in an Indoor Parking Garage

Outdoor parking lots

Crowded outdoor parking lots, especially privately owned ones in tight urban areas, are limited only by the number of vehicles they park. Imagine how quickly a busy lot could pay for the expense of doubling its overall parking capacity.

Autostacker in an Outdoor Parking Lot
Outdoor Parking Lift
Multi-Unit Power Console

Multi-lift power unit

An industrial-size power unit is available for larger orders (generally 3+ Autostacker lifts in a single location). This incredible power unit saves commercial operators even more space and powers up to 10 Autostacker units from a single motor, engaging one platform at a time.

AutoStacker's Multi-lift Power Unit

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