Autostacker Makes Car Storage Simpler

Parking overnight or going on an extended vacation? By trusting Autostacker to be your parking lift, it doesn’t matter how long you’re away from home, because your vehicle is safe for any period of time. If you’ve ever used a storage facility before, you know they’re expensive and a big waste of energy. It’s safer and much easier to keep your property locked up tight at home.

No lifting cables on the Autostacker parking lift

There are no cables here

No lifting cables or clumsy chains are used in our lift. Autostacker’s lifting power comes from two massive, leak-proof hydraulic cylinders, and its staying power comes from five lock positions that auto-engage as the car lift platform rises. The cylinders are extra-powerful and feature an impressive flow-divider to ensure both sides of the parking lift rise simultaneously.

Fast rising car lift for storage

Faster rise

It takes less than a minute—about 55 seconds—for Autostacker to lift to the max lock level. Operators need only hold the Up button until the lock mechanism moves past the desired lock position, then press Down until the mechanism on each scissor arm engages the lock. With that done, the vehicle on your home car lift is safe from nearly every adverse circumstance, even complete hydraulic pressure loss.

Sturdy lifting platform

Sturdier platform

Cold-formed galvanized steel plates make up the lifting platform. Multiple panels bolt against the edges of the lift, providing maximum security and stability. The platform is rust-proof, weatherproof and virtually foolproof too, so loading low-clearance, narrow or wide-stance vehicles is never complicated. Four-post car lifts that use two runways, rather than a single deck, are meant for those looking to service their vehicles (i.e., DIY or professional auto care). Ramps are less convenient, especially for the average homeowner, but if a four-post lift is what you are looking for, our parent company BendPak is where you’ll want to look.

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