Car Lift for Home Garage

Upgrading home garage with an Autostacker parking lift

Essentially, a home upgrade is a way to add more space and/or make that space look better. Autostacker is an instant upgrade that can essentially create an entire room for you. Imagine two cars where there used to be one. Now imagine what you want to do with your newfound extra space. Your plans don’t have to be tied to typical garage stuff. Move your loud gaming room to the garage, and replace the indoors space with a guest room or a new office. If you do any kind of DIY work at all, Autostacker will clear up lots of space for your tools.

Autostacker isn’t a car lift for DIY/service jobs on vehicles. It’s meant for any homeowner who wants a better-looking, simpler way to stack two vehicles. Other car lifts will obstruct your space with clunky posts and columns, and only Autostacker collapses fully yet lifts without tilting. By introducing a safe, modern-looking parking lift that’s actually made for home garages, Autostacker changes the entire car lift industry.

Buy, don’t build

It goes without saying that home improvements are expensive. Even “small” renovations can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. They’re sometimes done for the sake of having a nicer home, sometimes with the hope that any increased resale value will recoup the cost of the upgrades. Most of the time, however, home upgrades result in a net loss. So, in the spirit of saving more and spending less, we’re more than ready to make a case for a home car lift over an expensive dig and remodel.

The truth is, even a GREAT resale value on an upgrade is going to be a net loss. A $15,000 kitchen remodel might regain upwards of 90% when you sell, while new roofing might recoup about 80%. Furthermore, home renovations tend to cost between $17,000 - $62,000. Most homes aren’t going to sell at asking price unless the buyer is confident he/she won’t have to put much money into maintenance, at least not for a long time. The misconception is that an upgraded home will be more appealing than other homes. The reality is that buyers expect upgraded homes at a price that likely doesn’t recoup the combined cost of the upgrades. A home than goes completely unimproved will not sell quickly, and it may not sell at all.

Investing in a home car lift

Make your upgrades about you

So, what’s the point in all this about moving and home value? Obviously, we have to keep our homes in good working condition, but your space is your own. Do things for you and your loved ones, not for the next family that moves in when you’re ready to sell. Unless you’re a member of a certain class, you have very finite resources to choose what to upgrade. You have to be selective. We’re willing to bet most people don’t immediately think of car lifts when they think of ways to upgrade their homes. Considering all of what we just wrote, it may be time to change how you think about home improvement. For the cost of an Autostacker, which is much less than a renovation, we offer an amazing package: a car lift for your home garage, an upgrade for your home and a whole lot of extra space to play with. It’s a winning situation.

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