Types of Parking Lifts

Dedicated parking lifts (as opposed to four-post service lifts that can double as parking lifts) have been around for a long time. Not including Autostacker, there are four basic types of parking lifts. They come in many different variants, weight capacities, widths, heights, etc. Each lift has something unique about it, but Autostacker is truly in a category all its own.

Autostacker parking lift

The newest lift on the scene, Autostacker is also the only one on this list that has zero posts to match its wide drive-through and tall overhead clearance. Plus, compared to virtually all other parking lifts, its profile is truly minimal when collapsed. Multiple units can be stacked next to one another and even angled as necessary to provide best entry/egress. Last, when collapsed, no other parking lift looks as smart or seamless as the Autostacker.

Independent platform double/triple parking lift

BendPak makes a unique tandem parking lift that comes in double and triple-wide variants, and it features independently moving platforms. Most double and triple-wide lifts have a single platform that moves two or three vehicles at once. This means all lower-level vehicles have to pull out to move just one upper-level vehicle. Therefore, Autostacker makes shifting vehicles faster at home and increases productivity in a professional setting.

Tilt platform parking lift

Until Autostacker, tilt platform lifts offered some of the smallest footprints of any parking lift and due to their tilting nature, were able to stack vehicles in limited ceiling height spaces. They feature two support carrier columns located toward the front (bow) side of the lift that act as anchors to support a cantilevered platform that stretches outward from the columns. The two support columns support a tilting platform that, as it raises, positions the vehicle in an awkward angle. The tilting nature of the lift allows vehicle profiles to be nested allowing two cars to be stacked in low ceiling environments. Due to limited under-clearance, these lifts are primarily suited for small cars only and because of tall outreaching outrigger tube that extend towards the platform, vehicle door opening may be hindered.

Double/triple parking lift

Unlike the independent platform lift, a double or triple-wide parking lift has one platform that rises and descends along a single carriage. They’re convenient for storing multiple vehicles, since there are no columns between the vehicles, but accessing the top row means moving both vehicles parked underneath. This also means shuffling three vehicles every time you want to access one. Some find this extra hassle is not worth the double or triple-wide parking ability.

Multi-stacking ganged parking lift

These are purely commercial parking lifts. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they often stack at least three vehicles high. If you have a parking structure or need a stunning visual display in your showroom, they are unmatched in size and parking capacity. If you’re thinking about getting the Autostacker as a home parking lift, something this tall and high-capacity is likely not on your radar. The big downside of these lifts is that accessing a vehicle on the upper level is time-consuming and requires a lot of vehicle shuffling.

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