One-Of-A-Kind Parking Lift Design

Parking Lift Design

The world is filled with parking lifts. Different looks and different brands… and they’re more or less the same stuff. Autostacker stands out with a one-of-a-kind design. The patented Autostacker fits in more garages or parking spaces than virtually any other lift, and it’s just plain cool.

Our parking lift’s low-profile elevating platform lets low-stance vehicles climb onboard without scratching or scraping front ground effects, low hanging splitters or chassis. Your recently detailed beauties will be safely up and out of harm’s way on top, or securely shrouded underneath. Two intelligently designed scissors structures are topped with full-width, full-length, drip-proof galvanized steel platforms. Each structure feature perfectly synchronized, twin hydraulic cylinders that push upwards directly underneath the platform. The once cleverly disguised parking lift rises effortlessly, revealing a secure, safe-space parking spot for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Why be different?

We didn’t eliminate side posts just for fun or the sake of doing it, we did it because it’s better and smarter and it looks, well, less “foresty.” Typical dual-column parking lifts require special flooring and foundation requirements, many times exceeding standard building or architect designs. This means you’re stuck consulting building specialists or engineers to even consider installing one. These column-type parking lifts add tremendous moment loading on concrete floors, as a result of their cantilevered design. Think of your outstretched arms trying to support your grandma’s fruitcake. After a while, something’s gonna give, and it’s usually where the arms (think columns) are attached. Ouch.

By eliminating this stress-inducing offloading and having the cylinders push directly up against the weight, we literally created a zero-floor-stress design that could literally be used on a beach. (Please don’t try this, though). Although dual-column parking lifts have been around for decades and have served the public well, they have one major design flaw (outside of their special floor requirements).

Specifically, they frustratingly feature support columns that are parked smack-dab in the door swing area. Imagine driving onto your Autostacker platform without ever having to worry about a hindering column. But the real beauty of our amazing Autostacker is the attractive post-less design, meaning your nosy neighbors won’t have reason to complain. No forest of ugly columns. No problem.

Best parking lift design

Why hasn’t it been done before?

People have become so used to two-post and four-post parking lifts that few have bothered to rethink the design. To remedy this, the Autostacker was born. It’s a space-saving, column-free, virtually invisible, no-special-foundation-required masterpiece that is perfectly suited for commercial lots or home garages. Of course, if you’re a car tinkerer, a four-post lift might be the perfect solution. Maybe that (now old-fashioned) two-post parking lift has served you well, but if you’re like most, all you want is to double your vehicle storage without breaking the bank, and without having to install some contraption that looks like it came straight out of the Industrial Revolution to do it. You’re smart, you’re sophisticated and you want a parking lift that reflects your style.

So to the question, why hasn’t anyone done this before? Maybe the best answer is simply, “We really have no idea.”

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