Autostacker Means Low Service and Maintenance Costs

Parking with with easy maintenance

The Autostacker’s revolutionary and simplistic design contains fewer moving parts when compared to traditional column-type parking lift systems. Autostacker parking lifts don’t suffer from routine breakdowns, nor do they require complicated or otherwise costly maintenance regiments. Fewer moving parts equates to a lower cost of ownership.

AUTOSTACKER MEANS... no column inspection or lubrication (there are no columns).

AUTOSTACKER MEANS... no carriage lubrication (there are no lifting carriages). No carriages, so no carriage rollers to inspect, maintain and replace.

AUTOSTACKER MEANS... no steel lifting cables, cable sheaves, lifting chains or chain rollers to inspect, maintain and replace.

AUTOSTACKER MEANS... no complicated safety lock linkages, rods, pins, turnbuckles or connection points to inspect, maintain and replace. Autostacker safety locks consist of only four moving parts.

When comparing overall ownership costs and expenses throughout the life of a parking lift system, Autostacker is the clear winner.

Maintaining a parking lift

How To Perform Simple Autostacker Maintenance

  • Thoroughly clean platform and lower guide rail
  • Inspect entire structure
  • Lubricate direct-drive pivot points
  • Inspect all moving parts for wear and proper operation: (4) lower guide roller bearings, (4) upper guide roller bearings, (2) safety locks. NOTE: NEVER operate lift with worn, damaged, or faulty parts. Worn, damaged, or faulty parts should be replaced as soon as possible. Only replace with genuine Autostacker parts.
  • Ensure all operator controls are functioning properly
  • Ensure all warning and safety labels are clean, readable and in the correct placement on your parking lift. Missing or damaged labels should be reordered through Autostacker.

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