Full-width Parking Platform

The Autostacker features our patent-pending, low-profile, gradual sloping lift platform. This feature plays a very significant role when driving on and off the lift. While most other car lifts feature a level deck with an aggressively angled entry ramp, we’ve purposefully designed the Autostacker with a full-width, gradually sloping platform that reduces the height at the approach end, making vehicle entry and exit an easy, pain-free affair.

Optional Removable Access Panel

Optional Removable Center Access Panels

These rugged welded-steel frame assemblies feature an integrated aluminum pull-out center panel that grants access to vehicle undersides. Each removable assembly replaces four of the standard galvanized deck panels. A gracious 51.5" x 30" maintenance opening makes undercar service a breeze and non-skid wheel-engaging supports safely hold vehicles and allow unimpeded vehicle travel along the entire lift platform. A must-have accessory and perfect tool that safely converts your Autostacker into a service-ready lift, increasing its versatility and usefulness for DIY'ers and in commercial applications. Add two assemblies for twice the accessibility, or three to transform the entire platform.

Parking lift with a gradual incline

Gradual incline

With a barely noticeable incline of just 5 degrees, Autostacker easily accommodates Corvettes, Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, BMWs, Ferraris and other high performance cars with wide tires and/or low ground-clearances.

Interlocking deck panels

Interlocking Deck Panels

It might sounds like some fancy way to make sure these things don’t fall off, but that’s just part of it. Think of everything that could potentially drip from the upper vehicle, as well as the sky above: oil, condensation, rainfall, or even worse, acid rain. The car parked below the polluter above won’t think kindly of being turded on. Think of our interlocking deck panels like a duck’s back—water just rolls right off. The panels interlock, which means any water or other polluting liquid that oozes its way through the middle of the panels ends up landing in the adjoining panels’ drip catchers. All liquid is eventually funneled to the outer edges of the lift, out of harm’s way.

Weatherproof parking lift

Weatherproof construction

We made the platform out of non-staining, weatherproof galvanized steel. The platform panels are hot-dipped in molten zinc to prevent rust, no matter the weather. We specifically chose this material because it’s lighter than stainless steel and extremely durable. It won’t crack, rust or warp in the years you operate your Autostacker parking lift. Galvanized steel is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ultra-secure parking lift installation

Ultra-secure installation

Properly securing the platform is a vital part of installation process. Autostacker’s hot-dipped galvanized panels are placed across the parking lift structure and securely wrenched in place. The end result looks like a single, sleek-looking steel platform. We over-engineered well beyond Autostacker’s 6,000-lb. lift capacity. That doesn’t mean you should attempt to lift more than 6,000 lbs., but it does mean your vehicle will be safe on top for as long as need to leave it.

Platform wheel trough

Wheel trough

The wheel trough is added protection for your vehicle. Manual transmissions and older vehicles have been known to “slip” when the parking brake isn’t engaged. When this happens on top of a parking lift, the results can be disastrous. Luckily, our wheel trough takes all the guesswork and fear out of parking on the upper level.

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