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Autostacker Parking Lift Patents

There are a number of patented features that make Autostacker a completely unique home car lift. We’re not using the word “unique” lightly. After all, there isn’t anything that looks like or lifts like Autostacker. Each patent contributes to what makes our home car lift special. While most parking lifts feature four posts, Autostacker features none. While other parking lifts also use hydraulic cylinders to power their lifting mechanisms, Autostacker is specially engineered to allow greater overhead clearance, maximum drive-through clearance and a faster rise (55 seconds).

To spill or not to spill… the beans

We’d love to be able to spill the beans on all our patents (and we have a pretty big bag of beans), but the thing about beans is, once they spill, it’s almost impossible to get them all back in the bag. There’s always one or two that get stolen, and our beans are pretty darn valuable. If just one or two get lost, we compromise our hard-earned trade secrets and rightful copyright and ownership over our own engineering. Potentially, this floods the market with inferior quality lifts and compromised safety standards. You’re welcome to purchase our “beans” for yourself, of course. That’s the best way to experience firsthand how unique Autostacker is as a home car lift or commercial stacker.

Patents foster legitimacy

While some of our patent and trade secrets have to remain just that—secret—everything is really out there in the open. When you see Autostacker up-close and personal for the first time, everything will click: the effortless way Autostacker creates nearly seven feet of overhead clearance, how well it protects your vehicles at both the upper and lower levels, the internal safety mechanisms that prevent catastrophe in the rare event of a hydraulic line failure or loss of fluid pressure, etc. None of this would be possible without patents backing up our claims and protecting our intellectual property. How else could we make the best home car lift on the market? And how else could we ensure that parking lots and structures are well-equipped with the best fleet of lifts money can buy?

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