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Parking lift installation

Have a Service Team Install

If you’re looking for first-class service, give us a call. We’ll take care of everything for you to make your lift installation painless and trouble-free. Think of us as your very own matchmaking service. We’ll put you in touch with a professional service company that can handle all of your delivery and installation needs. Plus, they’ll be sure to tidy up when they’re done. We have access to over 500 of the nation’s leading service and installation companies located across the US and Canada. These specialized service teams are experienced and trained in all types of lift installations, equipment delivery and equipment service. Each courteous field technician will have the equipment necessary to perform your installation promptly and professionally. They will show up on time and deliver or install your new home car lift without damaging the equipment itself, or your property. Their fee, which is usually no more than a few hundred dollars, accounts for everything, including installation, drilling into your concrete and initial lift testing. In the ultra-rare event that something is missing or malfunctioning on the parking lift and/or one of its components, they’ll be able to tell you right away.

Do It Yourself!

If you’ve never installed a car lift before and/or you’re not experienced working with cranes and material handling equipment, we don’t recommend you just “take a stab at it.” Autostacker is actually not a complicated lift to install; it’s just, well, heavy. There aren’t many main structural parts compared to other parking lift types, because each of the two main lifting assemblies comes already preassembled. That means the cylinders, rollers, bearings, axles, pins and safety locks are already assembled within each scissors structure. If you or a friend has all the necessary equipment and knowledge, it’s definitely something you can do yourself (or with a little help).

In a nutshell

  • Read manual
  • Uncrate and unpack
  • Position the left scissors assembly
  • Position the right scissors assembly
  • Bridge the front wheel trough between the two scissors assemblies
  • Bridge the rear approach ramp between the two scissors assemblies
  • Bridge the galvanized decking sections between the two scissors assemblies
  • Tighten all fasteners
  • Install hydraulic hoses
  • Assemble console. Add oil.
  • Read manual. (Really this time).
  • Enjoy

Installing Autostacker Parking Lift

What do I need?

Installing Autostacker is relatively simple, as far as car lifts go. One or two people can do it in four to six hours. Of course, more hands and backs the better. If you’re the type who has a tool belt lying around, we’re assuming you have all the standard necessities such as wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers, maybe even a Langstrom 7″ gangly wrench.

Still, here’s a not-complete list of other stuff you’ll need:

  1. Forklift or crane necessary to move and position the main scissors assemblies.
  2. Pneumatic or battery-powered socket for securing the numerous drive-on decking bolts, and of course all the other bolts.
  3. Space around your lift. A few feet on each side are necessary to move about comfortably.
  4. 3/4" or 19mm hammer drill to fasten the parking lift to your foundation

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