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We want to change the way businesses and homeowners across the globe park their vehicles. Autostacker connects with a range of car owners and is more versatile than any parking lift that’s come before it. By featuring a technologically unrivaled design and fully collapsible frame, this lift fits in virtually any garage wide enough for a car. We use only the best steel and highest safety standards to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability. We’re as proud of our lift as you are of your cars, so we want to connect with you through our website, social media or fully staffed sales and customer service teams. Whatever you need from us, we’re here to make it happen and put a revolutionary parking lift in your home today.


It is our goal to turn the Autostacker parking lift into the first parking lift that’s truly a household name, as well as an essential tool in home garages everywhere. We want Autostacker’s patented collapsible design to excite the imaginations of our employees and ignite the fires of innovation across the automotive industry. As more home garages and professional lots move toward column-less parking lifts, the current look of the auto world, in both function and aesthetic, will be thrust into the next era of design and possibility. Autostacker will effectively change the way people park by modernizing and stylizing what has long been perceived as just “mechanic’s equipment.” To date, there hasn’t been a home parking lift that not only fits in a home garage, but looks like it belongs in a family environment. Autostacker will pave the way for a proud generation of both home and professional parking lift owners.

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