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In addition to our manufacturing facilities, Autostacker’s headquarters in Santa Paula, CA (officially BendPak Inc.) is home to over 170 employees, all of whom work across different fields to make your customer experience the best it can be. When you buy a parking lift, every department springs into action. Our customer service, sales and accounting staff members know who ordered the lift, as well as where it’s going and when it should arrive. That seems like a given, but some companies can’t even get the little things right! Our cross-departmental communication is crucial to our business model; if there’s anything we need to communicate to you, our teams work together to offer fast, accurate solutions.

We recently expanded our facilities to include a 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse that speeds up order processing, shipping and receiving. It’s also expanded our inventory, meaning our dozens of massive, well-organized shelving units let us order more parking lifts, parts and components, and we can do it faster than ever. This facility comes in addition to our other large buildings, all of which adds up over 800,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space.

Since we have a dual identity as Autostacker / BendPak, the need for perfection at all times is paramount—multiple reputations are on the line with each transaction. Every car lift that comes through our gates is thoroughly inspected for defects before shipping. If an item doesn’t meet our expectations, we flag it and either send it back to the manufacturing facility or repair it on-site. We are known for our pickiness, which is a mark of annoyance for some in the industry (we never do business with second-rate distributors, for instance). The bottom line: when you buy a parking lift straight from us, you’ll have a great experience, and you’ll feel the difference.

You’ll also get to enjoy FREE SHIPPING to most homes and businesses in the United States!

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